10 Tips to Successfully Move Your Business to a New Location

Transferring your business office to a new location is both an exciting and scary prospect. According to a survey, relocation of a business is the second most stressful task for a business owner, the first being hiring new staff. To have a smooth-sailing, successful business relocation, opt to apply these 10 helpful tips.

Plan Your Transfer Early

Moving your business location required detailed preparation and planning. When planning on moving, decide on your moving date and the time-frame for the whole relocation process. It would be helpful as well to have a budget for your relocation. This includes the cost of hiring movers.

Talk to Your Staff

Change can be distressing. Thus, you must constantly communicate with your employees about your moving plans. Keep them posted about time schedules and any changes in the new business premise. Encourage them as well to help create a moving checklist to make sure all necessary matters are covered.

Assign a Project Manager

To make the moving process seamless and on time, you may opt to appoint a project manager who can facilitate the various aspects of the relocation process. Select someone who is not only a team leader, but who also has great organizational skills, financial savviness, and excellent multitasking abilities.

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Keep Your Data Secured

During the moving process, you might end up losing important business documents. So, you must protect your data from loss or any breach. Opt to invest in encrypted cloud-based data storage. Criminals now have turned sharper, prompting us to ensure more protection for our business.

Deep Clean Your Office

Schedule some time with your employees to deep clean your office and remove old and unnecessary files, throw away shabby old furniture pieces, and donate or sell equipment no longer needed. Consult with your accountant too in case there are donated items that could be used as a write-off.

Hire a Reputable Moving Company

The most important part of moving is hiring a professional local mover. Moving companies have the resources, skills, and knowledge to help your transfer be a seamless process. They also deliver the kind of packing and unpacking services to make sure your stuff is moved safely to your new business address.

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Update Your Address

Do not forget to inform your customers, suppliers, and creditors when you are moving, your new business address, and when you would resume operation. Make sure that your business cards, letterheads, websites, Google My Business, and even social media accounts are up-to-date. ;

Get Insurance Coverage

If you opt to use a rental truck to move your items, consider getting insurance coverage. Nonetheless, most private insurance policies include rental car damage. But if you are hiring the service of a moving company, make sure to inquire about insurance coverage options to have your belongings protected.

Label and Number Your Boxes

Marking your boxes on the top and side helps a lot when you need to locate your items more quickly. If you have hundreds of boxes with you, opting for a numbering system pays a lot. It helps avoid losing anything while on the transferring process, particularly if you are hiring a moving company.

Follow Instructions for Moving Certain Electronics

Packing your electronics may sound easy, right? However, that is far from reality. Most electronic devices such as printers, computers, fax machines, and copiers need special care in packing and transferring. Improper handling of your electronics could cause damage and might void its warranty.

Planning the transfer of your business to a new location is best done in advance. This helps ensure that the whole moving process goes smooth as much as possible. Though moving can be distressing for anyone, these tips will help this daunting task ease up a bit.

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