Pointers for Choosing a Car Based on Your Personality

When it comes to choosing cars, everyone talks about practicality and functionality: What are you using the car for? How many people are you driving? How many miles will you usually use it for? And rightly so—after all, cars are more often than not a necessity than a luxury.

But there’s also nothing wrong with choosing your car’s style based on your personality. Cars still have colors and designs, and it’s OK to let your unique personality shine through your vehicle. After you’ve decided on your car’s brand and model comes some of the hardest choices: Color, finish, and other style choices. Here are some pointers for choosing a car based on your personality.

Color theory

A lot of people subscribe to color theory, while others consider it largely pseudo-science. If you’re the latter, there’s also nothing wrong with choosing a car color based on your favorites and preferences. But if you’re the type whose mood gets deeply affected by the color of your surroundings, then you might want to consider choosing car colors that you think will make you feel good and energized when you drive your vehicle. Here are some examples of color theory principles that might help you:

  • Red. If you’re passionate about things, have boundless energy, and don’t mind being the center of attention wherever you go, then a fiery red could be for you. Many people consider red cars a bit flashy, but they can also be a classic, depending on your car’s make and model. A red car also instantly says its owner enjoys life and has a real zest for it. If you are ambitious, outgoing, impulsive, fun, and don’t take yourself too seriously, a red car could be your best bet. If a regular red is a bit too intimidating, its more neutral derivations like maroon or a dark red could be a suitable alternative.
  • Gray. And when we say gray, we mean gray, not silver. This is a color for people who prefer a more elegant and classic aesthetic, those who love comfort over opportunities to stand out and have a penchant for being steady and slow. If you think you are someone who leans a bit shier and reserved, someone who loves comfort, modest and unbothered about status, and if there is a level of maturity and reliability about you, a gray car might be your best companion.
  • Silver. On the other hand, a silver car can be associated with people who are all about business and getting things done. The color silver has a way of making vehicles appear more upscale, flashy, sophisticated, and sleek. If you consider yourself innovative and entrepreneurial, a silver car may be your best bet for impressing potential business partners and clients.

Introvert or extrovert?

How many family members and friends do you have? How often do you see yourself driving them around? If you’re the type to get energized by being surrounded by people that you love—the more, the merrier—then you might want to choose design choices inside your vehicle that can cater to as many people as possible. A solid sound system can be your best friend in ensuring that you and your passengers can enjoy a good dance party while on the road.

On the one hand, if you prefer a more solitary driving experience and you don’t see yourself driving as many people in your life, white and cream colors can provide a calm and peaceful vibe to your car’s interiors. While they’re notoriously considered difficult to clean, it’s ultimately worth it since it provides a very clean aesthetic to any car. If solitude and quiet are paramount to you when driving, it’s better to stick to these light and neutral colors for the interiors.

blue sedan

To tint or not to tint

How much do you value your privacy? Do you have young kids? How about valuable items like expensive jewelry and gadgets? If you think it’s inevitable for you to leave valuable items in the car, a window film or tint is a must lest you want thieves to break-in.

Another consideration is comfort. Some drivers love the warmth of the sun on their skin, while some absolutely cannot stand it. Regardless of your ability to withstand heat, a certain tint level is still advisable since it can help protect you from the sun’s harmful UV rays. The good news is that you can choose the level of tint you want.

No Rules

At the end of the day, when it comes to car styles, there are no rules. Don’t be afraid to let your personality and priorities shine through your vehicle.

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