Components to Inspect When Purchasing an RV

From stunning islands to lots of unbeaten paths, New Zealand is the perfect vacation destination. With countless attractions dotted all over, an RV is necessary if you intend to explore this fascinating country fully. However, unlike your car, recreational vehicles are very costly. You, therefore, have to pay attention to detail when purchasing one. Here are the vital components you ought to inspect before buying a motorhome:

Floorplan and Layout

The first thing that you need to inspect in motorhomes for sale is the layout of each of them. Deduce whether the kitchen, storage space, and even washrooms are configured to your taste. Always go for a motorhome whose interior style appeals to you.

Another aspect that you should consider is how many people will use it and for what purpose. Finding the correct answers to such questions will enable you to select an RV with the right floorplan and can accommodate your demands. If you intend to use the motorhome with your family, you need a bigger space.

Plumbing System

Most motorhomes are self-contained and feature toilets, kitchen appliances, sinks, and water pumps. If possible, fill the water tanks with water and check for any leaks. Proceed and run the pump and examine whether it can supply water to all faucets. Find out also if the pump operates with minimal noise.

In the washroom, ensure that all faucets are not dripping and that the shower heads are in top condition. Examine the toilet area for leaks and see whether the bowl seal can hold enough water. In the kitchen, confirm whether the gas stove, burners, the fridge, and oven are in excellent working condition.

Exterior Walls

The allure of any new motorhome has to be from the sleek design of its exterior. However, do not let the shiny walls cloud your judgment. Thoroughly inspect the outer walls. Make sure that the paint hasn’t started peeling off, check for cracks, bubbles, and even delamination.

Inspect carefully for molding signs and the state of the decals. Furthermore, the exterior wall has to look strong, durable, and well-aligned.

Cooling System

car air conditioner

It’s likely that as you hit the road, you will be exposed to extreme day and night temperatures. During such conditions, you expect proper protection from your RV. Before purchasing your motorhome, check whether the air conditioner, fans, and vents are in good condition.

Examine whether the wiring is right, whether the fans spin freely, and if electrical connectors are fine. You can also run the AC to ensure that it’s functioning optimally. For such a task, you will need to record the incoming and outgoing air temperature using an IR thermometer gun.


At certain times, your motorhome will be off-road. It’s therefore vital that you purchase an RV with strong axles and dependable suspensions. It’s a good idea to look out for cracks, broken parts, and aspects of corrosion in these components. Do not forget to examine the tires for defects.

The given pointers will enable you to select your dream RV that is in top condition. Chances of finding such a recreational vehicle from a reputable motorhome installer, are usually high.

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