Garage Businesses: How To Start Earning From Home

Your garage is more than just a place to store your car. The large space and separation from your main house make it an ideal place to start a business. Considering that people are looking for ways to make some extra money right now, it is the perfect time to try things out. Here are a few business ideas that you can base out of your garage.

Car Care Business

The most obvious business that you can start is to have one that focuses on car care. If you have mechanical skills, then you can start offering your help. A lot of people are careless when it comes to their cars and repairing them can be profitable. This is especially if you are good at fixing things. You can do it informally but you won’t be able to charge a lot. But you can get certified as a mechanic and start charging professional rates.

If you are not good with the technical parts of cars, you can still run a business that takes care of cars. You can run a car wash and detailing business which should be simple enough to run. As long as you know how to clean a car, you should be able to do it well.

Tech Repair

Everyone uses computers and devices nowadays. These are necessary for doing work and more. So if they break or malfunction, their owners will want them fixed as soon as possible. If you are good at fixing them, then a home-based repair business can be a great idea. Basing it out of your garage provides you with a good workspace and ready-made storage for your projects.

Decide on what sort of repairs you want to offer. While it might be more profitable to offer a general repair service, having a specialty ensures that you are doing your best repairs. Choose whether to focus on laptops, mobile devices, or even desktops. With that focus, you can ensure that you are up-to-date with the latest in the field.

Wood Working

Garages are great workspaces and this can make it a perfect place for woodworking. You can start with small projects like bread boxes and birdhouses. With enough practice, you can move on to fancy furniture. Being a woodworker may seem outdated but people are still using wooden furniture and items today. You can expect high demand once you show you can create great products.

You can produce wooden products on-demand, with people approaching you with ideas on what they want. You can also make your products and sell them. You’ll have to learn how to properly price them. When you plan to start your woodworking business from your garage, you may need to do some modifications. While your garage has space, it might not have all the special equipment that you need like table saws, a vise, and more. If you are an experienced woodworker, you might consider making some modifications to your garage as an initial investment.

Laundry Service

People can be lazy and doing their laundry is something they often put off. Offering to do people’s laundry for a fee can ensure a steady stream of income. You’ll need a good washing machine along with an iron and a workplace for ironing. It will be time-consuming but it is solid work.

Take note that doing your laundry is much different from running a commercial laundry service. For one, you need to be much more careful. These are not your clothes and damaging them is going to cost your business. Additionally, doing other people’s laundry can mean long hours. You might need some help to handle it all.

Food Service

food service concept

Your garage can also be the perfect place to set up a large kitchen for a food service business. People nowadays love the convenience of take-out and deliveries for food but they still want that home-cooked flavor. Make an impression on your neighborhood by cooking up meals, pastries, and more. Instead of your home kitchen, a dedicated food prep station in your garage can allow you to cook large amounts of food for delivery. Coordinate with food delivery services or run your own so that you can start selling food in your area.

Some of the biggest corporations in the world right now started in a garage. While you’re probably not aiming for something that big, a decent stream of income would be welcome. Think and develop a few business plans to see which ones will fit best with your skills and temperament so that you can start your business.

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