Hacks to Maintaining a Luxury Car Easier and More Affordably

Maintenance costs are among the highest ongoing costs of owning a luxury car. As such, some owners stretch or skip their auto’s maintenance intervals to save bucks. But failing to maintain your auto, regardless of its brand, can decrease its resale value fast and shorten its lifespan. It may also void its remaining warranty coverage.

Just because a luxury car is equipped with better features than a Corolla, for example, doesn’t mean that you should tone down its upkeep. High-performing luxury autos, in fact, are generally maintenance-heavy, requiring more servicing and inspections than mainstream cars. Because of this, some luxury brands, especially used ones, suffer a less-than-ideal reputation. Their neglectful previous owners can turn even the most highly-rated auto into something close to junk.

That said, no matter how advanced and streamlined your luxury car is, it can become unreliable with poor maintenance. But since its maintenance can cost an arm and a leg, we’ve laid out some hacks that will make the task easier on your pockets:

1. Keep the Keychain Lightweight

Do you put your all keys in one keychain? While that method is more convenient, a loaded keychain hanging off your car’s ignition can strain the tumblers inside over time. That strain can double when your keys bounce as you drive on a bumpy road. You’ll know that your ignition switch is about to fail if the keys “stick” when you start the car.

Put your ignition keys to a separate keychain instead to prolong the service of your ignition switch. And of course, choose a lightweight keychain.

2. Don’t Fill Up If the Tanker is in the Gas Station

When the gas station’s underground tanks are being filled, the turbulence can disturb the sediment. Thus, filling up with gas fresh from a tanker can contaminate your car’s tank with sediment. In turn, the sediment may clog your car’s fuel filters and fuel injectors, affecting the overall performance and possibly causing damage.

3. Clean the Interiors Regularly

The luxurious interiors of a high-end sports car may look spotless 24/7, but dust and debris may be clinging onto the crevices. If you snack inside your car, then food debris may also lurk somewhere near the seats. Vacuum the interiors regularly, including the doors, consoles, and the dashboard. Then polish the leather seats with a high-quality leather conditioner. Use a bristle brush for a thorough application.

4. Re-coat the Exteriors With Ceramic

Car-washing, whether you do it yourself or pay someone to do it, can be bothersome because it’s another task in your maintenance checklist. Thankfully, you can reduce your need for that by investing in a top-notch ceramic car coating. A new coating will maintain your luxury car’s pristine condition, with comparatively minimal maintenance. However, this isn’t an excuse to skip car-washing altogether. You still have to give your car a bath regularly, but the task will be easier since you don’t need to wax the exteriors every few months anymore.

5. Ensure that the Software is Updated

If you’re buying a used luxury car, check if all software updates are applied. Up-to-date software plays a major role in determining the luxury car’s condition. It will show you engine diagnostic codes and warning signs of trouble. If you’re unsure how to check the software, have a technician assist you.

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6. Clean The Windshield With Washer Fluid

Many car owners fill their windshield reservoir with water and washer fluid, but it’s actually safer to use just the washer fluid. That’s because the water in the reservoir can freeze and mess up the system. If you suspect that your reservoir is already empty, don’t run the windshield washer system. Doing so may damage the washer fluid pump.

7. Buy Used Tires

Installing used tires on a luxury car may sound unthinkable. But if you bought a used car, and plan to drive it only a few times per year, buying a set of brand-new wheels is just a waste of money. Besides, used tires aren’t necessarily unappealing. You’ll be surprised to find used tires with great conditions in the market, thanks to their previous image-conscious owners.

8. Run the AC in the Winter

Staying in a cold car may be the last thing you need when the weather’s freezing outside, but running your car’s AC in the winter prevents stuck-up. Running the refrigerant will maintain the seal’s softness and pliability. On the other hand, keeping it off for the entire winter season may cause the moving parts in the compressor to seize.

9. Stay Updated with Your Regular Maintenance

Using these hacks isn’t a valid reason to extend your luxury car’s maintenance intervals. There is really no shortcut when it comes to caring for an auto, regardless of its price. These hacks are measures that will boost your luxury car’s power and lifespan, allowing you to spend less, not skimp, on maintenance and repairs.

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