How to Deal with the Most Common Auto Problems

Forget about a flat tire or an empty tank that almost left you stranded in the middle of nowhere. Unusual car failures happen to everyone at some point, and it might leave you helpless, especially if you never take time to steal some knowledge from your mechanic or auto repair technician. Here are common issues that should never make your heart leap and how to deal with them.

Engine Overheating

Sometimes, the temperature gauge might shoot up, or you might notice an overheat indicator on the dashboard. Other times, you will see a steaming hood while driving. There is only one reason an engine will overheat – a failed cooling system. This is a problem that could be caused by multiple issues.

For example, the problem could be caused by a low coolant level, a faulty radiator, or a damaged cooling system. If you don’t know the issue, fill up the coolant cylinder to the recommended level and drive on. Ensure you visit the nearest auto repair shop if the problem arises for a second time because this could be a sign of a serious problem.

car with too much smoke

Too Much Smoking

Your car might smoke due to several reasons. Generally, it can smoke in three different ways for three different reasons.

  • White or Grey Smoke

This typically means the coolant is leaking into the combustion chambers and getting burnt as well. If this happens to your car, especially a turbocharged Subaru, seek assistance right away. All you need to get a Subaru cylinder head gasket replacement before the coolant causes irreparable damage to the engine.

  • Blue Smoke

This means that there’s leakage in the piston rings or valve seals, and engine oil is getting into the combustion chamber and gets burned as well. It would help if you got a mechanic to confirm and fix this problem.

  • Black Smoke

This means the combustion chamber is receiving more fuel than it can burn at a go. It could be an issue with the fuel combustion pipe, fuel injector, or a faulty fuel pressure regulator. There is little you can do about it, but a competent mechanic can fix this problem.

Unreasonably Low Fuel Mileage

You might notice that your car is consuming too much fuel. This problem is usually accompanied by smoking. It simply means that your vehicle is not achieving efficient combustion, commonly resulting in fuel and air injection issues and spark plug inefficiency. But what measures can you take to avoid this mechanical problem? To avoid this common problem, make sure you don’t skip service dates to have oil, fuel, and air filters changed on time. You should also consult your mechanic for a detailed checkup if this issue persists.

car tire

Uneven Tire Wear or Car Pulling to One Side

You might notice difficulties trying to control your car or notice signs of uneven tires. These are prevalent problems. Sometimes, these two issues occur at the same time or individually. If you feel the car pulling to one side, that’s an alignment issue.

All your car wheels should be parallel, and the car pulls when one of them is misaligned. The uneven tire wear means that the wheel in question needs to be balanced. Fortunately, any reliable auto technician can help fix this problem. Ensure you visit your favorite mechanic for assistance because driving your car in this condition could lead to an accident.

You don’t have to wait for your car to breakdown or pull over on the roadside in the middle of nowhere. Pay attention to your vehicle and consult your mechanic if you notice abnormal behavior, strange sounds, noises, or dashboard warning signs.

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