How to Make Your Own Custom Driveshaft

In this comprehensive section of the video, Jake Burke from Rock Rods Tech Tips and Busted Knuckle Offroad offers an in-depth guide on measuring and constructing a custom off-road drive shaft. Stressing the importance of precision, Burke demonstrates the measurement process for both the extended and shortest lengths of the driveshaft. Suspension play is considered to avoid potential damage, providing a meticulous approach for off-road enthusiasts.

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A spotlight is cast on the Busted Knuckle Offroad 1480 extreme-duty driveshaft kit, underscoring its superior quality and safety features. Burke delves into the intricacies of building a custom driveshaft, addressing drive shaft angle issues through the use of an adapter and forge weld yoke. The tutorial encompasses crucial tips on measuring, cutting, and welding components to ensure a straight and high-quality final product.

The speaker’s expertise shines as they share insights on welding techniques, emphasizing flat yokes, correct phasing, and beveled edges for stronger welds. The viewer is assured that following this method will result in a straight driveshaft with minimal runout. The section concludes with an invitation for viewers to seek assistance or directly purchase custom driveshafts from the company, showcasing a commitment to customer support.

The subsequent segment explores custom driveshafts designed for ultimate strength and durability, explicitly highlighting their suitability for rugged off-road terrain rather than high-speed highway driving. The video encourages viewers to reach out to the company for guidance or direct purchases, concluding with an invitation to explore additional tech content on the company’s YouTube channel. Overall, this section serves as a valuable and detailed resource for enthusiasts looking to master the art of custom driveshaft construction for their off-road vehicles.

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