Is Buying a Lifted Truck From a Dealership a Good Idea?

With so many customers looking to purchase a lifted truck, this video suggests some things to keep in mind when buying from a dealership. When looking at a lifted truck for sale on the lot, one of the first things to do is pay attention to the window sheet. Some will have two sets of wheels listed, and you don’t want to pay for two. If the truck has aftermarket wheels, that should be the only price, not a separate price for factory wheels.

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When these trucks are lifted and sold, they are lifted with aftermarket parts away from the dealership by a contractor that specializes in these details. The technicians who work at the dealerships are not trained to work with and install these parts. This means that when you purchase a truck from a dealership with aftermarket parts, your warranty will be amended.

Warranties are meant to cover stock parts and factory fixes. However, these trucks will come with a modified warranty for the aftermarket parts and the work that will need to be done. You may have to use a third party for these warranties should something happen with those parts, and they need to be repaired. Before you leave with the truck, know that you still have a warranty even if the dealership denies the warranty.

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