Pointers for Relocating Your Garage

Whether it is because of a new job, a cheaper lease, or maybe you want to get away — relocating is hard. You can get lost in all the packing, unsure where something ended up or how it got there. One of the most complicated rooms to pack in the garage. Even though it is meant to be just a covered carport, it transforms into a multipurpose room in a few weeks.

There are going to be a lot of things to sort out before the transfer. You should never cram a move since it could result in leaving things behind that you would rather bring, forfeiting your deposit, and so on. Make sure you pack at least 6 weeks in advance before a move. That way, you will be able to anticipate any logistic concerns you might have as soon as possible. This can be less stressful compared to leaving everything up to the last minute.

Since you will need to pack up the garage, here are the things you need to emphasize on your to-do list:

Locking Up Your Tools

Securing your tools will be a meticulous task, especially if they were not organized to begin with. If you own any power tools, you will need to unplug any detachable attachments before packing. Search the garage for the original containers of the tools. However, if you did not have a chance to keep the boxes around or lost them, securing them with bubble wrap or some linens can help. Just make sure that the tools are clean if you use a cloth to cover up the tools.

Loose screws, nails, nuts and bolts, and any other fasteners you might be using should be organized before the move. Otherwise, you might end up having to purchase another set if they are not secured. You can place them in little boxes or ziplock bags. Keep them in a fixed position during the transfer so that they will not pierce their containers if you decide to keep them in the bags.

Sorting Through The Miscellaneous

As mentioned earlier, it will get tricky to sort through all the stored miscellaneous items in the garage. Looking into some moving companies can really help you with the packing and the unpacking if you are running short on time. They can also arrange some storage with you in case you need it.

All the seasonal items like Christmas decorations and inflatable pools can take up a lot of time to sort through, so it needs to be done in advance. You also need to figure out if everything will fit in your new home. Aside from an opportunity to pare things down, it can also push you to decide whether you really need to move with everything in your garage or not.

Securing Vehicle Parts

If you have any spare tires, cables, or anything else that might be specific to your car, keep them in your trunk. It might be difficult to get your hires to hold on to them until you get to your new home, considering how important they are if your car needs some repairs or urgent attention on your way there. But if you really cannot get them to fit in the car with everything else, consider making a couple of extra trips to make room for them.

Your big relocation is going to need your car to be in its best shape. It will be what you need to get to where you have to be with everything and everyone you want to bring with you. So do not sacrifice space for that spare tire to fit an extra box of clothes or trophies.

List What Is In Each Box

Lastly, even if you are hiring a team to help you, ensure that you have an idea of what will be in each box. It can be a taxing job, but it will make unpacking a lot easier. If you live with someone who will ask you for a toothbrush on your first night, knowing which box to open can save you a lot of time and keep your first night from being extra stressful.

Your relocation is going to be an entirely different chapter in your life, no matter how you get there. Moving definitely takes a strain on your finances and can cause short-term stress due to changes in your routines, as well as the packing. But embarking on a new journey will all be worth it once you are settled in.

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