Starting Anew After Lockdown: Jobs You Can Pursue Post-Corona

Although the fate of the future seems uncertain, It’s going to happen: the world will eventually re-emerge from lockdown, and things will start normalising again.

For many financially concerned citizens, normalcy means returning to the old office, applying for a new job or starting a new business. Trends are changing, and you need to know which direction to take that would maximise your growth potential. Is it starting a car hire service for Grab? Is it online selling? Is it eco-friendly fashion? Wherever the trends are headed, you need to be there—and fast.

Here are some jobs and business ideas you can look into while waiting for the lockdown to run its course:

Online Teaching

The conventional classroom is reinventing itself. Now more than ever, people are turning to homeschooling to resume their education. That means more demand for online teachers. Video platforms like Google Meet and Zoom have also become indispensable amid this virtual learning climate.

If you have anything to offer in online teaching, whether it’s maths, music or physical education, now’s the best time to market it. 

Essentials include a laptop, a reliable broad connection and maybe a Pro Zoom subscription.

people collaborating

Freelance Digital Marketing

Freelance digital marketing has flourished since the pandemic started, mostly brought about by major staff cutbacks in digital marketing companies. Businesses still need people to do their Search Engine Optimisation and social media marketing, and if you have the professional know-how, you’re exactly that person. 

SEO, Facebook Ads, Social Media Management, video production, blog and content creation, web design—these are just some of the areas of expertise in demand right now.

If you’re open to exploring this line of work or pursuing in-depth training, opportunities are just around the corner.

Virtual Assistance

The role of a remote virtual assistant (VA) has gone beyond taking calls and scheduling appointments. Today, virtual assistants also build and maintain websites, manage social media posts, do email marketing and even produce podcasts. Like the previous jobs mentioned, the beauty of becoming a VA is flexibility. 

If you consider yourself tenacious and organised and aren’t afraid to set boundaries, this role is suitable for you. You’ll be dealing with all kinds of clients; be clear about your limitations and be strict about your bandwidth. 


If you’ve always been into gardening, here’s some good news for you: you’re now in a unique position to make good money out of it. If you’re keen about garden design, you can either take a course to become a self-employed gardener. Or join a gardening firm, where you will be partnered with a more experienced gardener you can learn from.

Basic tools you will need include a lawnmower, hedge trimmer, leaf blower, hose pipe, wheelbarrow, shears, spray applicator, among others. You will also need a van for transporting equipment and tools and a website that will serve as your online storefront.

The coronavirus pandemic has rendered some roles obsolete, but it also gave way for jobs that would have been considered non-essential pre-lockdown. As the economy recovers and strives to recoup its losses, these are the careers and businesses that will let you look forward to a more stable future.

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