Understanding the Paintless Dent Repair Process

Paintless dent repair is a great service provided by many auto body shops to keep cars looking their best. But what does a PDR service actually entail? The embedded video reviews how to properly remove dents without damage to the vehicle to retain the full value of the car.

First, the expert shows a gnarly dent right in a body line, which he mentions is notoriously hard to remove properly.

Video Source

The panel must be formed back into the proper body line to look as good as new. Unfortunately, because of the different angles of the panel, it becomes very difficult.

Thankfully, paintless dent repair techniques have come quite a long way, and experts can now repair it back to a like-new state. Using a mix of heating, glue, and metal tools, the dent can be pushed and pulled back into place. A light bar allows the technician to see any imperfections so they can be taken care of.

After the corrections have been made, the area will be cleaned of any residue or other imperfections before it’s returned to the client. Most damage can be fixed in a few days, but check with your local technician for their timelines. You’re one step closer to a dent-free car!

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